How Important Is Click-Through Rate In An SEO Campaign?

Click-through rate (CTR) is obviously an important metric to consider in various facets of your online marketing strategy.
The CTR of your social media posts could determine how much visibility future posts get; the CTR of your ads could indicate their relevance to your target audience; and the CTR of your organic search results speaks to the value proposition of your page titles and descriptions.
The higher your CTR is, the more people will visit your site (assuming visibility remains constant), so of course it’s valuable to improve it.
Additionally, CTR has long been believed to have another benefit: increased rankings. In other words, many believe that pages with higher click-through rates for certain search queries tend to rank higher for those search queries. Essentially, CTR has been considered a significant factor that influences organic search rankings — that is, up until recently.
The History
There is extensive groundwork for the idea of CTR influencing organic search rankings. As recently as 2014, it’s been considered an important

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Be Aware! SEO Might Help You Land Your Next Job (Or It May Hinder You)

When should you create your online portfolio in preparation for your dream career?
The best time is as soon as you enter college or decide you’re going to start hunting for a job. The next best time? Today!
We traditionally think about SEO as bringing more traffic to a website, generating leads and making sales, or earning a business more money. But search also plays an important role in recruiting and hiring employees. Job seekers can seize this opportunity to advance their career.
Search engines have never been more important in the recruiting process than they are now. Smart candidates are keenly aware that they can take charge of what headhunters will find about them from an online search.
Recruiters use search engines and social media to research a candidate’s credentials before a job interview.

Will they be able to find your website? That depends on how well you have optimized it to rank well on Google for relevant keywords.
What will they learn about

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7 Key SEO Activities That Can Now Be Automated

Although it’s hard to keep up with the growing number of SEO tools that have been launched in the last few years (along with the new functionalities of the existing tools), it’s necessary to test them in order to identify how their features can support and help advance our SEO activities more efficiently.
This is especially true when it comes to tasks that are critical or highly beneficial to the SEO process but are complex and/or time-consuming to execute.
That’s why I want to share with you seven such SEO tasks that now can be partially or completely automated with the support of some tools.
1. Assessing Your Industry Traffic Potential
One of the first activities when launching a new website or SEO campaign is to assess traffic potential (ideally per channel) and identify the potential competitors in the market. Estimating this can be challenging, especially when starting to work in a new market that you don’t know anything about.
Nonetheless, SimilarWeb “Industry Analysis” reports can greatly help by allowing you to easily obtain the most important

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How To Learn From Your Competitors Without Copying Them

My last post brought up some great questions about using competitive research for link building. My main point was that blindly copying a competitor’s link profile could be a really bad idea, depending upon the links they have.
I do not personally dig through competitors’ profiles to find links that they have that I don’t have, because I’m not a big fan of copying people. But there were a few comments on the article and on social media that made me think more deeply about how you can best use competitive analysis to your advantage without directly copying someone else’s link profile.
I’d also like to go ahead and mention that this article is geared towards people who may need help figuring out what to do in terms of generating links. It’s not intended to blow the minds of veteran link builders and SEOs — it’s intended to help the same kind of people (who usually have no link building experience) who

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SMX Advanced 2015 Live Blog: AMA With Google Search

Day one of our SMX Advanced conference is wrapping up with an annual tradition: a keynote conversation with Google covering a variety of SEO and SEO-related issues of great concern to webmasters and businesses of all sizes.
But this year’s keynote has one notable difference: It’s the first year without the involvement of Matt Cutts, the former head of Google’s web spam team who’s now on leave from the company. We’ll miss Matt, but we’re happy to have Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes with us tonight — you should recognize Gary’s name because he’s spoken at a number of recent SMX conferences and been active in answering webmaster (and media) questions.
He’ll be speaking with Search Engine Land’s founding editor, Danny Sullivan, starting at 5:00 pm PT, and I’ll be doing my best to live blog the entire conversation right here. So, if you’re not on-site with us in Seattle, get comfortable and join me in about

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How Search Result Analysis Leads To A Better SEO Program

How often do you go back to determine the type of content that appears in search engine results for your priority keywords and phrases?
A few months ago, one of our clients posed an interesting challenge: they wanted to expand their online product offerings but were concerned with the level of viability those offerings would have for organic search performance. They wanted to better understand how the search engine result landscape could impact marketing strategy and tactics.
Some of the search-specific concerns expressed:

Type of content assets that appeared to perform best in organic results for a strategic set of keyword targets.
Type of user experience prevalent for content assets uncovered.
Type of competitors or distributors already present in these organic results.

This initiative provided the opportunity for us to thoroughly re-examine keyword strategy as it pertained to the direction of content marketing initiatives. And while this was one instance where we really were able to invest considerable time and energy in specific results, its a

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