Are You Making These 5 Mistakes When Importing From AdWords To Bing Ads?

The “Import from Google AdWords” feature within Bing Ads has proven to be a blessing to many a time-crunched PPC practitioner. However, its simplicity belies the fact that there are a few additional optimizations — some unique to Bing Ads — that could help ensure you’re getting the most ROAS (return on ad spends) from your campaigns.
Taking just a little more time to make a few extra tweaks can be absolutely worth it — not just for your bottom line, but also to avoid costly errors.
Here are five common mistakes when porting campaigns over:
1. Assuming “Time of Day Targeting” Works the Same Way As On Google
On AdWords, dayparting is based solely on the time zone specified by the advertiser (and can’t be changed) when setting up the account. Bing Ads’ ad scheduling is based on the location of the person viewing your ad.
This means if you set up your campaign to serve ads from 9 a.m. to 5

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